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SMD LED Display

Indoor/Outdoor Fixed or Rental

Fixed LED Display

Outdoor Advertising (DIP)


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Indoor Advertising (SMD)


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Outdoor Advertising (SMD)


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Outdoor Pole Steamer


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Magical Triangle Hexagon SMD LED Display

Super hot stage, concert, product launch, events, company reception table, DJ led Video Display Screen for indoor outdoor. 

  • Customized design by each pcs of our individual triangle modules
  • No mosaic display due to excellent flatness and nice uniformity of light-emitting
  • Wide viewing angle with 3D effect
  • LED Single-lamp maintenance with low cost.
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Good heat dissipation capability
  • Environmental-friendly and energy-saving.
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Rental LED Display

Outdoor Rental

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Indoor Rental

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When you are willing to buy an LED display you are always asking yourself: what size? what pixel pitch? what kind of support structure and how to install it? But these days the most critical question is probably about the type of LEDs to use. Since the beginning LED displays have been based on DIP or PTH technology, with each red, green and blue diode welded through their pins at a certain distance one another depending on required resolution and viewing distance, with a minimum pixel pitch of 10 mm. LED screens based on DIP or PTH technology are very bright, low power consumption and reliable. More recently Surface Mount Technology has become more and more popular, with miniaturised RGB diodes in a little casing welded directly on the printed circuit board. SMDs have always been considered the right LED option for indoor application, in shops, sports halls, TV shows, stations etc. With some special treatments and protections that make them waterproof and brighter, SMDs are now also used for outdoor applications, advertising, stadiums, concerts, roads etc. Thanks to the smaller diameter, LEDs can be positioned at a distance that is shorter than 10 mm, like 2.6, 4, 5, 6 or 8 mm, ensuring excellent resolution. Moreover the picture quality is perceived as superior at a shorter viewing distance, being individual colors and pixels less visible from there. SMD angle is the same (> 120°) horizontally and vertically, allowing for optimal vision from any position. A screen based on SMT is clearly better looking, notwithstanding its lower brightness and, at same brightness level, higher power consumption than DIP/PTH. As far as reliability, durability and lifetime are concerned, it all depends on the quality (“dice” and encapsulation) of the components utilized, as not all SMDs are certified and guaranteed for permanent outdoor use (perhaps they are for mobile use only) but high-quality SMDs can offer performances that are generally superior to DIP/PTH. NS Signage can help you take the right decision at any moment


Q:1 How can you place the order to us?

If you are interested in our products,we will try our best to cooperate with you.Firstly,you can tell us the module size,then our engineer will analysis and do several kinds of projects as per your request for your selection,all the details included price is for your reference,then you can make decision to select which project is the best fit for your situation.Once you confirmed the order,then you will pay us the deposit of 30%,both of you and us stamp and sign the contract,then we will produce the goods for you,make sure to offer you good quality,and delivery the goods within the deadline,Service first,trust us!!

Q:2 If you want cheaper price,what will we do?

The price we offer you is reasonable, and we must make sure good quality, you can compare the price to other suppliers if in all the same product, but, if your quantity is large indeed, we can also consider very less profit for your long time cooperation with us, and make co-win. Profit is not our last goal, our goal is doing better quality and service for more people, let more persons enjoy the different feeling, more entertainment and the most important news, using our LED Display, you will get relax and happy mood, we can talk about everything. Communication is not the problem forever.

Q:3 How can you trust the quality of our products?

For building the good reputation, just say only is not suitable, we must do it to prove ourself, every course is strict from the beginning we buy material, our engineer inspect the quality of material, even the smallest component, what’s more, they will guide workers to produce, once they found the bad point, the products will be done poorly done work over again in the shortest time, they will not stop to test every point until all the point is good , because they know details decide whether succeed or not especially in nowadays, welcome to check us.

Q:4 Is it OK to print my logo on led display product?

Of course! but, Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample

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